Joe Marzucco


3628 SW Hillside Dr.

Portland, OR 97221


503-913-1664 H 503-203-2139 Ofc






First, some pictures of the way we were....
hmmmm sounds like a good song title. Don

Drinking or marching make up your mind.............both.

I don’t think Joe’s looking for a job but he sent his resume.  Very impressive. Congrats.    By the way, are you going to introduce us to that lovely lady on your arm?
Aug 28, 01- The ladies name is Gabriele.

Joseph Marzucco

Born 1948 Philadelphia PA.


Associate Degree Architecture Temple University 1968


  • US Army 1968; Graduated Airborne training early 1969.
  • SFTG 1969 Graduated 1970
  • First assignment SFTG Instructor AMTS
  • 5th SFG 1970- A109 Thong Duc-Then a B team to train Cambodians
  • ETS 1971
    • Physician Assistant (PA) program University of Washington. (Became one of the first seven PAs in Alaska);
    • BS SUNY at Stony Brooke; MS California Coast
  • WORK:
    • PA in Alaska, New York, Oregon and Washington;
    • Instructor: PA program State University of New York and Pacific University; Oregon
    • General contractor (part time) New construction and renovations houses 1982 -1992.
    • PA Kaiser Permanente Department of Urology Portland Oregon, Subspecialty Sexual Dysfunction
    • Part time private practice in sex therapy;
    • Associate Professor Pacific University PA Program
    • Currently finishing PhD dissertation in Psychology
  • Married/ blended family; One son- age 28 and one grandson age 5; Two stepdaughters, three step granddaughters and one step grandson.

    Great photos Joe.

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